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Sixteen steps to creating your Masterpiece Pool

Step1.) Design: Our design specialist will conduct a comprehensive survey of the pool site. Access, easements, setbacks, elevation, drainage, utilities and municipal codes must all be considered in planning a successful project. This information coupled with your imagination and budget will start the process to create your Masterpiece Pool.

Step 2.) Financing: Our design specialists can assist you with your financing needs. We will have an answer within 24 hours in most cases. First mortgage, second mortgages, interim loans and escrow programs are all available. Loans range from 5 years to 30 years depending on the program. Interest may be tax deductible and there are no prepayment penalties.

Step 3.) Permits: Our professional staff will guide your project through dig tess, the utility companies, and municipalities securing the necessary building permits. When needed we provide the necessary plans and specifications to assist you with home owner association's approval.

Step 4.) Layout: Our construction department will schedule an appointment to meet with you and begin the project. Once the pool has been laid out and the elevation set our construction manager will review the plans and building process with you.

Step 5.) Excavation: This is the first step in the actual construction process. The crew sets the form boards and your Masterpiece Pool begins to take shape. Strict attention is given to critical dimensions as our crew carves out the custom shape.

Step 6.) Steel: Our steel reinforcement schedule exceeds ANSI standards for expansive soil conditions and is the basis for our unsurpassed structural warranty.

Step 7.) Plumbing: The hydraulic system for each and every Masterpiece Pool is designed for safety, energy efficiency and water purity. State of the art equipment ensures minimal effort to maintain you Masterpiece Pool.

Step 8.) Gunite: Pneumatically applied under pressure to our specifications. This process creates the superior strength of a Masterpiece Pool. The crew members are masters at sculpting the gunite structure of your Masterpiece Pool.

Step 9.) Tile & Coping: Your selection of materials coupled with our craftsmanship set the tone and style for the project. Together we are truly creating art.

Step 10.) Electrical: Licensed electricians will schedule an appointment to gain access to your main electrical panel. They will wire the lighting and filtration systems to your homes electrical service. Electrical service re-routes and panel up-grades are determined by the city and electrical codes.

Step 11.) Code Plumbing: Each municipality has its own codes, p-traps, backwash lines, vacuums breakers and gas lines when required are all inspected and approved by the city.

Step 12.) Deck Form: Size, shape, design and location further set the tone for the project. The crew will set the deck forms according to plan install cushion sand, place the steel reinforcing, and the electrician will bond the steel for inspection.

Step 13.) Deck Pour: The material you have chosen for your pool deck becomes a focal point; our crews are craftsmen and your Masterpiece Pool is rapidly becoming a true work of art.

Step 14.) Clean up: Our crew's remove all construction debris, prepare the shell for plaster, burnish the ground with a raked sand finish, and close the access.

Step 15.) Pool finish: Your choice of material is the crowning texture to your Masterpiece Pool. Once the finish has been applied, your pool immediately begins to fill; splash down is just around the corner.

Step 16.) Start up: Once your Masterpiece Pool is full a professional staff member will set an appointment to start the pool and conduct a maintenance seminar with you. Our staff is just a phone call away if you have questions or need support.

Pool Construction Process

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